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Acquiring and keeping sponsorship for motorsports organizations is not easy. All of us have seen race cars full of sponsor’s decals and race cars with just a number on them. What separates good race teams from the great ones? It is often the sponsors! Why do you need them? How and where do you find them? And probably the most important question for you to understand is "How do you keep them?" It all starts with the initial phone, email or face to face contact and goes all the way to the actual decision on whether a specific company decides to sponsor your team.

Every company, no matter large or small, gets bombarded with requests for sponsorship from church and school groups, city/county recreation leagues, other race teams and so many other entities. So what separates your motorsports organization from the other groups? What makes you stand out and more attractive to land those valuable sponsor dollars? It is the sponsorship presentation! By presentation we do not only mean the actual verbal and visual presentation in the boardroom but it is the overall professionalism of your motorsports organization.

Victory Marketing Team has helped numerous motorsports organizations find, acquire and keep sponsors. We will be very open, honest and transparent with you throughout the whole sponsorship process as many factors affect the results of any sponsorship plan. VMT will work closely with your race team to build a custom sponsorship plan that will include all facets of sponsorship from acquisition and presentation to how to keep sponsors happy year over year.